Best Choice Electric air fryer

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About the Best Choice Products electric air fryer:

Best Choice Products Electric Air Fryer is an air fryer from Best Choice Products that uses hot air circulation system to give you an oil-free, healthier alternative to fried food. This fryer allows you to bake, fry, roast, and delicious grill meals at temperatures between 176oF and 392oF. Additionally, this air fryer has an auto shut-off timer that allows you to set a preferred cooking time of up to 30 minutes. The air fryer allows easy transfer and preparation of meals due to the presence of a detachable cooking basket with a handle. The fast preheat and cooking time allows you to prepare delicious meals with little to no unhealthy fats and oils. Besides, it keeps the cooking area mess-free with no harsh oil smell.

Key Features of the Best Choice Products electric air fryer

This is the collection of the main features that makes Best Choice Electric air fryer a solid choice. They include:

  1.  Large Capacity

Best Choice Electric Air Fryer has a 4.4Qt non-stick bowl. The large bowl capacity makes the fryer suitable for a variety of cooking operations from snacks preparation to the preparation of main family meals. The application is dependent on the users’ needs. Combined with versatility in cooking modes, the two factors makes it a crucial appliance in any kitchen.

  1.  Has a removable basket with handle

Since the fryer has a large cooking space, the presence of a removable basket makes it even more versatile since you can divide the space to cook more than one meal simultaneously. The basket’s handle makes it easy to get the cooked food out of the fryer for serving.

  1.  Employs rapid air circulation technology

The rapid air circulation technology is the basic working principle for most air fryers. It allows hot air to rapidly circulate in the food basket from all directions. As a result, food cooks faster and evenly.

  1.  It is risk-free

Using the Best Choice Electric air fryer to prepare your meals exposes you to a lesser risk than when using a standard deep fryer that requires you to deep food in boiling oil to fry. The boiling oil in conventional fryers is known to be one of the major causes of accidental fires in homes. As a result, deep frying has been identified to be the riskiest cooking activity at home. Since this fryer neither uses boiling oil nor open flames in boiling oil, it is considered to be risk-free in cooking

  1.  Fast in cooking

The maximum time allowance on the Best Choice Electric Air Fryer’s timer is 30 minutes. This means that the fryer can cook any meal in 30 minutes. Some light foods such as French fries requires even much less time to prepare. This is possible due to the wide range of cooking temperatures.

  1.  Produces food with less fats

The Best Choice Electric Air Fryer is a low fat alternative to deep frying. Users of this fryer enjoy delicious meals without having to worry about a high calorie intake since the food contains little to no oil. Additionally, the low-fat foods have a more enriched flavor than food from the conventional fryers.

  1.  Easy to clean

Cleaning this fryer after cooking is a few-minutes activity. Most of its parts are dishwasher friendly thus helping you to clean it within a very short time after use.

How does the Best Choice Products electric air fryer work?

All air fryers have an almost similar working mechanism since they all apply the same principle. The interior of the Best Choice Electric Air Fryer comprises of a heating unit, a fan above it and a frying basket.
The heating element produces heat thus heating the air in the fryer. The fan forces the air to circulate in the whole appliance thus the term rapid air circulation. The dry, hot air circulates through the food on the cooking basket thus cooking it.
During the cooking process, the little oil added is turned into a fine mist thus evenly distributed throughout the cooking food as the hot air circulates rapidly.

How to use the Best Choice Products electric air fryer

The Best Choice Electric Air Fryer is simple to use since it contains control options and a control knob for settings. From this knob present above the handle, one can easily select the basic control options in temperature and cooking time.
Procedure of Using the Best Choice Electric air fryer:

  1. Set the appropriate temperature – from the temperature adjustment knob just above the handle, select the appropriate cooking temperature based on the food you want to cook. The Best Choice Electric Air Fryer allows you to set a cooking temperature within the range of 1760-3920F.
  2. Set the timer – after setting the appropriate cooking temperature, set the timer in minutes for the appropriate cooking time basing this on the selected temperature. Low temperatures translates to long cooking times while high temperatures translates to short cooking periods.
  3. Leave the food to cook – after setting the appropriate cooking conditions, leave the fryer to do its thing. The automatic shutoff timer allows you to attend to other duties as the food cooks without the worries of overcooking.
  4. Cleaning – after cooking, it is advisable that you clean the fryer immediately. Transfer the food into a serving bowl and clean the fryer. Since this fryer is easy to clean, cleaning only takes you some few minutes.

Best Choice Products electric air fryer product specifications

Color Black/White/Red
Product Dimensions 13 x 10 x 13 inches
Item weight 11.1 pounds
Shipping Weight 13 pounds
Capacity 4.4QT
Watts 1400 Watts
Automatic shut-off  Yes
Adjustable temperature control  Yes
Non-stick cooking basket  Yes

8.9 Total Score
Decent performance with unbeatable price

If you want to have the amazing cooking experience with the current air frying technology, the Best Choice Electric Air Fryer is the crucial kitchen appliance you should acquire. The sleek design, detachable frying basket, and fast performance are the key features that makes this fryer stand out among the best fryers in the market.

Versatility and functions
Design and build
Ease of use
  • Fast Performance
  • Has a timer with an auto shutoff option
  • Has a broad cooking temperature range
  • It is durable
  • Sometimes produces hard food
  • The plastic material is not suitable for the high temperatures involved in cooking

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