Cozyna Concord air fryer with multicooker

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About the Cozyna Concord air fryer:

The Cozyna Concord air fryer is simply a modernized kitchen appliance for cooking food by the passage of superheated air. It is a new creation from Cozyna that bids healthy and tasty foods with less oil. By using superheated air, this home appliance is able to prepare fried food with a lesser amount of oil. That means it is now imaginable to enjoy the delightful taste of fried food without the actual oil that is used in deep fryers.

Do you have a hunger for healthy or tasty food? Why not both of them! Your favorite cooking ebooks and the Cozyna Concord Air fryer are the best blends. Whether you fry, grill, bake, roast, the cozyna Air Fryer can give you perfection! Since it has a speedy Air Technology, we just need to add a small quantity of oil. As a result, the healthy feast is cooked flawlessly on all sides which are delicious to the last bite.

Washing takes no time at all. It has a nonstick drawer and a basket that is easy to remove for washing. Take a pause from all your tough work in the kitchen by only go off it in the dishwasher. The best part is that the cozyna Concord Air Fryer comes with a recipe book. Placed together by prodigious cooking masters, the recipe book can guide you about low-fat foods that are not just healthy but easy to try.


• Cooking chamber that discharges heat from a heating component close to the food, therefore cooking it more proficiently and suitably
• Cooling System: The exhaust fan positioned above the culinary chamber supports to make available the needed airflow from the bottom. This lets the heated air to pass through the food continuously.
• Grill allows the air fryer to discharge hot air at high speed, attaining the healthy qualities that you will certainly notice when eating air fried food
• A wide removable tray. It serves up a hot, crunchy lunch within 12 minutes.
• A double layer rack that takes full advantage of the cooking surface area and auto shut off.

Benefits of using cozyna Concord air flyer

The air fryer’s benefits are infinite. It helps operators who are worried when using an old-style chip pan and guard themselves against fire or burning. It’s chilling systems and controlled temperature provide wide-ranging benefits. Healthier tasting food, better meals, friendlier to the environment, we could go on and on. It is a tremendously high-quality appliance which cooks quickly by using a very little oil. Highly rated for meat preparation.
Some foods are only healthier when they are fried, however, adding oil to food can be insalubrious, and make a huge untidiness in the kitchen. This is where air fryers come in and give you an opportunity of a healthier way to fry food whereas also accomplishing an enormous number of kitchen function, air fryers increase your ease cooking options. Frying, roasting grilling and baking all in one appliance.

How to use cozyna Concord air fryer

Grill in air fryer

Preheat the air fryer for 3 minutes. Place the chicken wings on the grill pan and add two drops of oil on it. Using the handle insert the food into the fryer. Cozyna Concord air fryers come with a grill pan that has a handle, and that makes it easy for us to insert the food. During the cooking, shake the cooking fryer. The best thing about grilling with air fryer is that we do not have to constantly flip the ingredients over for equal heating.
The hot-air movements inside the appliance, heat up all sides of chicken wings. The surface of the grill rapidly soaks up any extra fat that drips from ingredients, leaving you with healthy and perfect meals. After 15 minutes, remove the grill pan from the fryer. It’s time to clean up the fryer so that your kitchen doesn’t smell of fried food.

Bake in air fryer

You can use the provided baking pan to bake muffins, brownies, cupcakes and bread. Cooking with an air fryer usually takes up from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, and then you are ready to enjoy your desired meal or food.

Deals for Cozyna Concord air fryer

The Future of Healthier Meals

In today’s hasty world, a large number of people are now picking healthier meals because they know very well that it will help them to stay physically fit and shield their health. For those people who truly love to enjoy stir fry or deep fried food, it’s tough to merely, control their desires. But, you must know that today, in the world of technology, you can make and eat fried foods without any health risk through the use of cozyna Concord air fryer. This is the reason why selecting the best air fryer might be a healthier, better & cost-effective choice for frying food.

Cozyna Concord Air Fryer Product Specifications

Color Black
Product Dimensions 15.5 x 13.2 x 12.9 inches
Model Number B00VAOVHN4
Item weight 12.9 pounds
Shipping Weight 12.9 pounds
Capacity 3.2 liters
Warranty Please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product. You may also be able to find warranty information on the manufacturer’s website


  • The quantity of oil used decreases by nearly 70%
  • Temperature upsurges quickly and the timing can be controlled
  • Washing up the device is really easy as the parts are dishwasher safe. Since less oil has used the process of cleaning up can be done easily.
  • This machine does not remain warm because a cooling system is provided
  • It is a superlative culinary machine for persons who have a chaotic routine and do not have spare time to cook and eat fully nutritious food.
  • Temperatures can move upwards to 300 degrees within 3 minutes.
  • Food is evenly heated as the air inside the device is heated.

  • Mammoth size
  • Little more expensive than other models
  • It only operates on electricity
  • Not a replacement for oven

8.4 Total Score

The air fryer technology is one of the healthiest alternative to conventional frying with oil. On average, the cozyna air fryer requires up to 70% less oil then any conventional oil fryer;

Versatility and functions
Design and build
Ease of use
  • Quick preheating and fast cooking
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Mammoth size
  • Little more expensive than other models

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    April April 4, 2017 at 7:20 am

    hey can u tell me pls if this will heat up my kitchen when cooking? thank you

    • Reply
      AirFryerReviews April 4, 2017 at 7:40 am

      When used for a longer period of time (more than 30-40 minutes) the air fryer does heat up, but even in a smaller kitchen it doesn’t really heat it up.

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