DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer

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About the DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer:

The DELLA 048-GM-48207 1500W Electric Air Fryer is an inspiring gadget you should acquire to help you minimize fat intake. The latest version of the electric air fryer is programmable, a device that cannot let you down with its easy to use control panel, thereby making your work simple. Due to the adjustable temperatures, it is a device that saves time depending on what you are cooking. Besides, you can multitask because the timers allow you to set cooking time.

The device is made to cook your food from a high-speed hot air making you able to achieve almost zero fat cooking. The true crispy feeling is achieved since the fryer assists you to keep a bay some of the conditions linked with excessive of fatty foods. Control knobs and other programming knobs make the device more appealing. You can regulate the temperature knob which has a broad range of 175-397 F thus allowing the cooking of a variety of foods. The device is fitted with a timer which makes it shut automatically to prevent food from burning.

Key Features of the DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer

These are the key features that make the DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer an indomitable contender of the best air fryer in the market. They include:

  1.  Favorite food with little to no calories

The latest model of DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer gives you the privilege to enjoy foods without the added calories from plunging food in oil and be delighted with the favorite fried snacks.

  1.  Versatile and multi-functional

DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer serves different purposes such as baking, frying, roasting and grilling with little-to-no oil added. Onions rings and traditional fries can also be cooked using the device.

  1.  Advanced technology used

The device has a powerful air frying technology which has rapid hot air circulation systems which gives your food a crispy fried finish.

  1.  Fast cooking performance with precision

The very hot preheating time allows you to prepare a meal for the whole family in record time. The device incorporates preciseness through the frying speed for perfect results will little fat. The automatic shut feature with a 30 minute timer gives a signal on a perfect fry.

  1.  Two Control knobs for temperature and time

The DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer is fitted with ETL certified adjustable temperature control from 175-3920F which makes you prepare variety of food from juicy wings to crispy fries with little to no oil. The 30 timer makes sure you get the perfect results every time.

  1.  Fitted with 30 minute timer

The timer is an automatic feature that switches into standby mode when the cooking time is exhausted. It alerts the user with a ready light when the air fryer has achieved the desired temperature.

  1.  Detachable basket with a cool-touch handle

The device is comes with a detachable basket fitted with a touch handle which makes it easier for transportation, serving dish and storage.

  1.  Safety features

The DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer is fitted with a protective plastic cover on food basket release button which helps on accidental drop of the food basket holder.

How does the DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer work?

  • Although Air fryer technology is upgraded, it uses a similar concept with the convection oven. The device has a revolutionary fan technology that almost eliminates unnecessary oils and fats that commonly plague the fried foods that we all desire.
  • Oil drips into the basket below on cooking. The food then air fries by abstracting the excess oil and surfacing the food while it is airborne. This leads to a delicious foods that contains a fried texture while eliminating the uses of fat and oil.
  • The enhancement of the Rapid Air Circulation Technology makes sure that the food is evenly cooked throughout all sides by distributing heat properly.

To add on, the fryer comes with delicious recipes to cook at home from the most nutritious such as jaw-dropping recipes that you didn’t know you could cook with an air fryer. The book covers recipes such as fried chicken, Mozzarella Basil Bruschetta, the most spectacular and Lemon Garlic Herb Crusted Salmon among others.

Procedure of Using the DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer

The DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer is simple and easy to understand since it has the control selection and settings such as cooking temperature and timer which you can easily set depending on your cooking mode.

  1. Select the appropriate cooking mode- the DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer has different cooking modes such as baking, frying, roasting and grilling. What you want to cook determines the mode of cooking.
  2. Adjust temperature-after selecting the cooking mode, adjust the temperature to a desirable range for the meal you are preparing. The wide range of temperature 175-3920F offers a suitable heating range depending on the food you want to cook.
  3. Set the timer- you need to set the required cooking time for your meal after which the cooker automatically switches off the heat supply.
  4. Clean the appliance- transfer the food to a serving bowl when they are ready and clean the fryer. It is easy to clean the DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer making it take little time

DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer Product Specifications

Color Red/Black
Product Dimensions 11(W) x 13(L) x 12-1/2(H) inches
Model Number 176-3920F
Item weight 13.5 pounds
Shipping Weight 13.5 pounds
Mesh Basket Capacity 2.8 Quart (2.7L)
Fryer Pan Capacity 4.4 Quart (4.2L)
Temperature Range 176-3920F
Watts 1500 Watts
Voltage 120v/60Hz
Power Indicator Yes
Heating Indicator Yes
Detachable Basket Yes


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Intelligent design at an affordable cost

Having looked on all the properties of this electric air fryer, pros and cons the DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer remains an indomitable contestant of the top air fryer in the market. Fitted with the latest technology to provide delicious meals. It is intelligently designed, available at an affordable cost, and built with a legendary reputation for excellent performance. This is the right choice, effective and better than many other air fryers in the market.

Versatility and functions
Design and build
Ease of use
  • Has large food basket
  • Adjustable timer and temperatures
  • It is suited with plastic protected external
  • Comes with recipe book and a manual
  • Very versatile
  • The exterior gets hot making it uncomfortable.
  • Cooks slower than a deep fryer

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