Gourmia GCR1700 air fryer

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About the Gourmia GCR1700 air fryer

Gourmia GCR1700 is a ten in one combined multi cooker and an air fryer. It allows one to bake sauté, stew, pan fry, stir fry, roast, slow cook and make a variety of sauces. Gourmia built with breakthrough technology lets a person get delicious food results without direct observation of the food and using up to 80% less oil. The cooker has enough space to hold food for more than one person.

Key Features of the Gourmia GCR1700 air fryer

  1.  Hands-free stirrer

The air fryer and multi cooker has a hands free stirrer. It enables the food to self-stir for the best of sauces, stirs fry, stews, fries, Asian dishes, Risottos, and scrambled eggs. The stirrer is at the top of the air fryer for best functioning.

  1.  Three dimension express cooking

Unlike other cookers, Gourmia offers a pre-programmable control panel. Once you put your dish in the air fryer, you can set the cooking time and leave it. One can attend to other duties while still cooking the food.
The cook robot entails an easy read display of time and temperature, clear view lid and is dishwasher safe. Additionally, the auto- stir spatulas enable the stirring of the food such as stews and other stir fry dishes.

  1.  Versatility

Gourmia GCR1700 ten in one multi-cooker and air fryer enables a variety of cooking activities within the same device such as stir fry, pan fry, stew, bake, sauté and making casseroles.

  1.  Novice Approved

It is easy to use for the novice cooks. However, chefs and experienced cooks can still use it.

How to use the Gourmia GCR1700 air fryer

It is really exciting to purchase an instant cooker knowing that meal preparations are made easier. However, food prepared in a air fryer multi-cooker can turn to worse if the necessary precautions are not taken.
The following are some steps to follow when using a new air fryer such as Gourmia GCR1700:

  1. Test run
    Despite the anxiety of making meals in the new cooker, run a test on its features such as pressure setting with water before putting in food. A proper test run entails reading through the manual to know how to operate the cooker.
  2. Do not overfill the cooker
    Always take caution when cooking food that expands such as grains. Do not fill the cooker with less than two-thirds of food.
  3. Use liquid
    Even if you are air frying, it’s essential to put some kind of liquids such as water or oil. Each cooker has its liquid requirements, check so as not to exceed the set requirements.
  4. Keep the pressure release device clean
    Food particles may get clogged in the air fryer affecting its functionality. Always clean the cooker after using it. Avoid cooking food that spatters such as pasta and oats. Instead, use the slow cooker to prepare them.
  5. Food preparation
    Ensure that all meal ingredients are properly prepared. Chop vegetables into tiny pieces so that they are thoroughly cooked. Thaw all kinds of meat before cooking. Also, consider adding the seasoning ingredients to cover up for the longer time the food may take to cook.

How Gourmia GCR1700 air fryer works

Once you have placed all the ingredients in the cooker, set the temperature and pressure. Also, set the cooking time and leave the meal.
The air circulating function ensures that the air gets to pass through the food making it moist and crispy.
The self-stirring spatula located at the upper part of the cooker stirs the food such as stews while cooking. Therefore, one does not have to manually remove the lid and stir the food. Always put some kind of liquid in the food either water or sprinkle some cooking oil to prevent food sticking on the sides.
Once the food is ready, the cooker produces the beeping sound.
Gourmia GCR1700 robotic multi cooker and air fryer ensure that one observes the food through its transparent lid.

Gourmia GCR1700 air fryer Product Specifications

Color Black/White/Red/Blue/Violet/Gray
Item model number GCR-1700
Product Dimensions 15 x 13.1 x 11.2 inches
Item weight 10.9 pounds
Shipping Weight 12.6 pounds
Capacity 3.3 qt
Temperature Range 194-4280F
Watts 1230 Watts
Automatic shut-off  Yes
Adjustable temperature control  Yes
Non-stick cooking basket  Yes


  • Versatility – Since I purchased the multi cooker and air fryer, I find food preparation an easy process. I can easily bake, sauté, stir fry and prepare all kinds of stews from the same device. It consumes less space in the kitchen compared to the purchase of single devices required for the cooking functions.
  • Portability – During the last two camping expeditions, we found the combined air fryer and cooker quite useful. Its portability made it easy to make all kind of meals on the camping trips.
  • Healthy food– Food preparation in the multi-cooker uses less oil meaning than a conventional deep fryer. People can easily prepare meals that are healthy for families. Once the ingredients are set, the food starts cooking with the lid on. There is no space for additional putting of ingredients like we do with the gas or electric cooker.
  • Fast cooking – Multi cooker speeds up the cooking process. With the ingredients set, it takes only a few moments to make the desired meals. Work schedules should not make one take snacks, with a combined cooker, all meals can be made with ease.
  • Ease of Cleaning – Gourmia GCR1700 air fryer is dishwater friendly. Once cooking is done, one can put it in the sink and easily clean it up.

  • It does not come with an instruction manual on how to use it. One ought to have previous experience in the management of other combined cookers.
  • The settings are confusing. One may put on the bake settings while looking for a grilled meal. Users should carefully look at the settings.
  • The pan is shallow and not consistent. It may not bring out a lot of sauces or deep fried items.
  • There might be a persisting odor left after the food has cooked. The plastic spatula stirring the food may be the cause of the odor.
  • There is no recipe book availed to its users despite the manufacturers putting it as part of the package.

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Compact but powerful air fryer

Gourmia GCR1700 is a great combined cooker and air fryer. The pros in many ways outweigh the cons. I find the cooker and air fryer an important gadget in my kitchen. This is a small but powerful air fryer that will fit perfectly in your kitchen due to its reduced size. It’s a great appliance that caters to anyone from a beginner cook to a seasoned chef

Versatility and functions
Design and build
Ease of use
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Small size
  • Cooking timer
  • Bright screen
  • Food might smell like plastic
  • No recipe book

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