GoWise USA GW22622 2nd generation VS DELLA 048-GM-48207

Air fryers come in all shapes and sizes, from all kinds of manufacturers. A short research in the lower price range, however, would easily bring the GoWise USA GW22622 review up front. This 2nd generation air fryer is often compared to the DELLA 048-GM-48207 review, another affordable electric air fryer. Which one is better, you wonder?
In case you haven’t had the chance before, take a look at our previous reviews of these two models. In today’s review, we’ll aim for a comparison. It will be tough since, at least in terms of design, they look very similar. But we will take things one at a time and the conclusion should come naturally.
For starters, we notice it’s quite difficult to find official information regarding the DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer manufacturer. The GoWise USA GW22622 2nd generation air fryer, however, is a product of Ming’s Mark Inc. A brand focused on all kinds of eco-friendly and user-friendly products, it designs in the U.S. and manufactures in China. As a second generation, this GoWise unit comes with improved design and extra power. Now let’s have a closer look at how their versatility, features, and design compete with each other

Versatility and functions

Given the lower price, both models keep their functions to a minimum. Sure, they’re designed to work with hot air that circulates around the unit and cooks your meals at high temperatures. The fryers allow you to control the temperature and the cooking time. And they make the perfect base for frying or roasting, grilling or baking. Their main features and functions are almost identical, in the sense that they have:

  • Dedicated temperature control knob that can go up to 392oF;
  • Dedicated timer control knob that can be set up to 30 minutes;
  • LED indicator that tells you when the unit is powered and turned on;
  • LED indicator that tells you when the unit has reached the selected temperature;
  • Standby mode that automatically activates as soon as the timer ends;
  • Alert beep that marks the end of one cooking cycle;
  • Non-stick pan and special fryer basket;
  • Cool handle that allows you to easily remove the basket and the pan.

The only notable difference that we have seen so far was on the GoWise USA GW22622 2nd generation model. While it automatically enters into standby when the timer stops, its air blower continues to work for 20 other seconds. For the hungry cook or the guests drooling in the dining room, this extra waiting time might be difficult to bare. But the extra crust that will result from this prolonged exposer will be well worth the waiting. The same goes for the smell and the hot air that are more effectively released during that time.
So far, it is safe to assume that, with slight differences, these air fryers share the same features and capabilities. Let’s move on to the design features, aspects that can tilt the balance just as easily.

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Design and build

With mirrored functions and features, GoWise USA GW22622 and DELLA 048-GM-48207 consist of:

  • The main unit housing, with air outlet openings and opaque lid;
  • One large knob for temperature control;
  • One large knob for time control;
  • The detachable pan/pot;
  • The fryer basket that goes into the pan/pot, with basket release button;
  • The two LED indicators.

The components are, obviously, the same, but there’s more to each air fryer than this short sketch of structure and features.
The GoWise USA GW22622 2nd generation air fryer also boasts:

  • A simple design, with a black outer case made of plastic and aluminum;
  • The ability to work at 1,500 Watts, reaching any temperature in between 176 – 392oF;
  • A body that measures 9 x 8.5 x 12 inches and weighs 12 pounds;
  • A 3.7 quarts cooking capacity.

The DELLA 048-GM-48207 Electric Air Fryer, in return, has:

  • A just as simple design, with an all-plastic opaque case, available either on red or black;
  • The ability to work at 1,500 Watts, reaching the same temperatures in between 176 – 392oF;
  • A protective plastic cover attached to the food basket release button, designed to prevent the accidental drops of the basket holder;
  • A body that measures 11 x 13 x 12.5 inches and weighs 13.5 pounds;
  • A cooking capacity of 2.8 quarts for the mesh basket and 4.4 quarts for the fryer pan;

In addition, the fryer from Della comes with more visual cues. The unit labels the two LEDs, as well as the cooking times and the temperatures for different foods. And the package is slightly more generous, introducing, as bonuses, a tong and a recipe book. Nevertheless, will these two bonuses and the extra quarts be decisive?

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Ease of use

Wherever there is a simple design, ease of use should go without saying. Switching two knobs, placing the food, and closing the tray is all it takes, with any of these models. The detachable basket makes it easy to transfer the cooked food to a serving dish. And the LED lights are also helpful when it comes to estimating whether the unit has reached the selected temperature or not.

The previously mentioned labeling of the Della unit could make it seem like an easier-to-use model. At the same time, different users prefer to adjust the time and temperature on the go. Each person gets familiarized with particular settings for their favorite dishes. And soon enough, these inscriptions will lose their utility.

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Pros and cons

As usually, we’re getting closer to a conclusion by pondering the pros and cons, as they result from the entire above.
Both units are ETL-certified and enjoy a 30-day warranty for the basket and the tray. On the same note, they both lack the pre-programmed cooking settings. A transparent lid would have also been much appreciated…

The GoWise USA GW22622:

  • It has a lighter design;
  • It also comes with a 1-year limited warranty for the unit, a policy that covers defects in materials and workmanship;
  • It is a model projected and designed in the U.S.A.;
  • Enjoys a lot of positive reviews;

  • Its timer knob control can’t be rotated backward to stop the current cooking cycle;
  • It lacks the written indicators on the outer case;
  • It has a slightly higher price.

The DELLA 048-GM-48207:

  • Has a slightly more intuitive design;
  • Comes with a bigger cooking capacity;
  • Also includes a cooking book;
  • It is somewhat cheaper;

  • It is 1.5 pounds heavier;
  • It doesn’t enjoy any particular brand reputation;
  • It carries some complaints regarding the quality of the Teflon.

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The last mention regarding the Della unit ponders more than all the other observations. The price difference is, indeed, so small. Yet the complaints regarding the Teflon that can peel off after several months of use are quite concerning. It is why we believe that the GoWise air fryer is a much better choice. A simple price versus quality evaluation will indicate it as offering the best value for the money at any given time!
You get a smaller unit, but a much sturdier model that will last you a lot longer. And, as you must have discovered by now, with great foods, quantity is never a guarantee for the quality. We confidently place the larger Della air fryer on the second place, closely after this GoWise USA GW22622 2nd generation model.

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