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Le Coucou Harmony II air fryer

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Our selected product of the day is Le Coucou Harmony II air fryer, part of the second generation of air fryers manufactured by Le Coucou. This company specializes in a quite impressive selection of kitchen and household cleaning appliances and tools. As far as the Harmony line is concerned, it includes 4 different air fryer models labeled as Harmony I and Harmony II, available in black and white. One look at the entire line would reveal that the main difference between the I and II models is given by the operation modes. Le Coucou Harmony II Air Fryer that we have selected is a white model with digital operation. It doesn’t just have the looks, but also the price tag that catches everyone’s attention.

Main Features of Le Coucou Harmony II Air Fryer

When you put Le Coucou Harmony II next to any other reputable air fryer with digital control and touch panel, you don’t see much difference. It has a compact body, with a white and shiny case, and a minimalist design that actually makes it look quite professional. It has a cool-touch handle with a special button for pulling out the inner detachable basket. And the pot that sits underneath easily collects any juices and oil that might drip from what you’re cooking. The top 5 most attractive features of Le Coucou Harmony II Air Fryer are:

  1.  Rapid air circulation

Promoting healthy living and eating through all of its products, Le Coucou makes no exception with the Harmony II Air Fryer. The oil-less fry technology was specifically designed to help you cook with up to 70% less fat. Aside from obtaining delicious meals with fewer calories, you also get a more enjoyable cooking process. Basically, you use less oil and the rapid air circulation seals the ingredients, keeping the moisture inside and frying the outside of the ingredients. This will also leave you with fewer drippings and little to no smoke at all during cooking!

  1.  Versatile, suitable for various foods

Le Coucou Harmony II Air Fryer might look small but one would also consider it quite mighty. It lets you cook a variety of full meals in a simple and easy manner. You can fry or bake, prepare all kinds of meats and veggies, even seafood and risotto! While the unit comes only with a detachable pan and a basket, it is also compatible with grill rack and non-stick baking dish accessories. Buy any of these and you will also be able to cook fish, filets, skewers, kebabs, but also to bake cakes, cook omelets and quiches and many others!

  1.  Intuitive digital operation mode

The digital control and the touch panel that Le Coucou Harmony II Air Fryer integrates speak for how easy and intuitive to use this unit really is. It has an On and an Off button for start and stop, two touch controllers for the time, and a Mode button for its preset temperature values. Speaking of the latter, you can cook at temperatures of up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. As for the time controller, you can set it up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Once the selected time elapsed, the countdown timer will automatically trigger a buzzer.

  1.  Dishwasher safe

This attribute is of high interest for any buyer because air fryers are usually covered with a non-stick material that may or may not be safely washed in the dishwasher. Le Coucou Harmony II Air Fryer can be, however, easily inserted into the dishwasher – we are talking about the detachable parts alone! – and food traces will we washed out easily. At the same time, the non-stick technology also allows for a gentle, manual clean with a soft sponge and lukewarm water.

  1.  Essential safety features

Le Coucou Harmony II Air Fryer enjoys all the three FDA, ETL and CE certifications as a cooking unit. At the same time, all of its components that are designed to get into direct contact with the cooking ingredients have been strictly verified and certified by FDA. As already suggested, the unit has a countdown timer with a buzzer that alerts you the moment it has finished the cooking program. It also has an auto-stop feature that comes into play whenever the frying pan was taken out from the unit. And it never starts the cooking process until the frying pan was perfectly inserted and locked!

How Le Coucou Harmony II Air Fryer works:

Whether you’ve been with us for long enough to know it or you’ve just started to research air fryer reviews, you should be aware of the hot air circulation mechanisms. This is the only “secret” behind the healthy air fryer cooking, the right combination of hot air and high-speed circulation. When you heat the ingredients from all sides at once, they will cook faster, keep their moisture inside and get that crunchy crust on the outside. That’s what Le Coucou Harmony II Air Fryer does so well and how it helps you to cook with 70% less fat – by rapidly circulating the very hot air throughout the entire cooking chamber.

How to use Le Coucou Harmony II Air Fryer:

The simple design of the unit makes room for a just as simple use. You will have to push forward the plastic button from the top of the cool-touch handle and pull out the basket. Place your ingredients inside – you can even use a basket separator to cook two different things at once or to set the right portions for two persons. And when you’re done with arranging the ingredients, push the basket back into the cradle.
On the touch screen, you have a dedicated touch key labeled as Mode. By successively tapping on it you will go from one preset cooking mode to another. Tap until you set the desired temperature. Then, use the + and – touch keys for the timer and select the desired cooking time. Tap on the On key from the lower right corner of the display when you’re ready to get started. As mentioned, Le Coucou Harmony II Air Fryer will shut off automatically at the end of the program, after triggering the notification buzzer.

Le Coucou Harmony II Air Fryer Product Specifications

Color White
Product Dimensions 12.5 x 12.5 x 14 inches
Model Number Harmony02WFBA
Item weight 11 lbs
Shipping Weight 11 lbs
Capacity 2Qt
Temperature Range 160-3900F
Watts 1230 Watts
Safety shut-off Yes
Auto-pause Yes
Adjustable temperature control Yes
Non-stick cooking basket Yes


  • Healthy cooking with oil-less rapid air circulation
  • 60-minute timer
  • Easy, digital operation
  • FDA, ETL & CE certified
  • Non-stick dishwasher safe pan
  • Multiple uses: cook a variety of full meals easily
  • Very convenient price
  • Comes with recipe booklet

  • No transparent lid
  • Not adequate for family cooking

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One of the most affordable digital-controlled air fryers!

Le Coucou Harmony II Air Fryer looks very similar to more popular, branded models. Works just the same, and comes with a price tag that you will find extremely difficult to beat. It is certainly worth all your attention!

Versatility and functions
Design and build
Ease of use
  • Unbeatable price
  • 60-minute timer
  • Easy, digital operation
  • Non-stick dishwasher safe pan
  • Multiple uses
  • Recipe booklet
  • Small capacity
  • No transparent lid

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