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Advertising itself as the “home of quality and elegant housewares”, Ovente is a manufacturer that has a lot to offer. It’s been doing so since 1999, when the privately-owned company TopNet Inc. introduced it on the market. And 18 years later, it continues to grow in popularity. As part of its kitchen line, Ovente boasts cooking appliances from the categories of: food processor, pasta maker, infrared burner, grill, steamer, and fryer.
The Ovente air fryer line has only 4 products: 2 digital and 2 manual models, available in black and white. Today, we will review the black manual model, one of the best proofs of their success. That’s right, in a world where digital devices seem to take the lead, you have this particular model that has successfully outranked its digital version. So, let’s have a look at what makes this product a better alternative to the more expensive and fancier digital air fryer.

Main Features of the Ovente air fryer

If we are to sum up the Ovente air fryer experience, it would all revolve around its 2 rotary controllers, 2 LEDs, and the 2 cooking units – the basket and the frying pan accessory. It weighs 12.8 pounds and measures 11.2 x 13 x 11.5 inches, which, for some, can be considered a bulky air fryer. But this manual Ovente air fryer will make up through the 3-liter cooking capacity and all the other simple but effective features it tucks in. If you are ready to air fry, grill, bake or try any other kind of culinary experience, let us show you its main strengths!

  1.  3.2 QT capacity

The Ovente air fryer features a non-stick, removable basket with a 3.2 QT (~ 3 liters) cooking capacity. The square shape and the dimensions of approximately 6 x 6 x 6 inches should easily take in a minimum of 1.1 pounds of meat. This would result in an ideal serving size for two people. But as a special feature, the fryer actually comes with an extra cooking unit, a flat metal pan with vented bottom that you can use for grilling all kinds of meats and vegetables.

  1.  Classic and intuitive design

Combining elegance and utility, the Ovente air fryer displays two rotary controllers and 2 LED indicator lights. That’s all you need to know on how to use it – being able to tell when it is turned On, when it is in an active heating process, how much time you have to wait until the end of the cooking program, and at what temperature you are cooking. The easy eject button and the cool touch handle will let you easily maneuver it while the plastic anti-skid feet provide extra safety and stability.

  1.  Timer of up to 30 minutes

The timer controller has a design that is almost identical with the one of the temperature controller. This one, however, is placed lower on the case of the Ovente air fryer, next to the two LED light indicators. It works just the same, with a clock-wise switch that will take you through any time value up to a maximum of 30 minutes. And in between the minimum and maximum time frames, you have 1-minute increment options. Obviously, if you need to cook something for more than 30 minutes, you can start the time counter all over again once the first 30 minutes are up.

  1.  Temperature control of up to 390O F

The rotary temperature controller is placed on the lid of the Ovente air fryer, the opaque plastic cover. It can be switched just like an old-fashioned egg timer or the knob of a toaster oven, setting up any temperature value between 140O – 390O F (up to 200O C). One clock-wise switch is all you need to get to the desired temperature, assuming you know exactly what it takes for the ingredients that you are cooking. Otherwise, you can make some temperature adjustments on the go.

  1.  Dishwasher safe

The two detachable items – the basket and the pan – that come with this Ovente air fryer are coated with a non-stick material. Should you decide to wash it in the washing machine, you can do so without any problem, but only the detachable parts! The outer case and all its electrical components must be unplugged and simply cleaned with a soft, damp cloth, if necessary. The same detachable parts can be washed with lukewarm water and dishwasher detergent in the sink.

  1.  Overheat protection

The Ovente air fryer works with this rapid air circulation technology but the heating process is handled by a stainless steel element. To make its use safe, the manufacturer has implemented an auto shut off mechanism, for safety reasons. When the timer is up, unless you make another selection, the heating element will shut off to prevent the overheating of the unit.

How the Ovente air fryer works:

With a classic design comes a classic functioning principle. When you get the Ovente air fryer, you are actually having this special cooking chamber with a heater and a fan, protected through an exhaust system. The cooking chamber is where you insert the detachable basket or frying pan and, underneath it, you have that stainless-steel heating element. The element heats up, the fan starts creating an air flow that surrounds the ingredients and then, it cooks them pretty much like in the oven, but faster and with a crunchier outer layer. Because pressure will build up within the cooking chamber, the Ovente air fryer also has a special exhaust system. Through a set of air filters, it takes out the extra hot air while limiting the smell that would normally be released into your kitchen.

How to use the Ovente air fryer:

As mentioned, this Ovente air fryer sits on a pair of anti-skid shoes that should give it stability on a wide range of surfaces. Since choosing a base for it is not as important, focus on making sure that it sits in an airy area. That way, when the hot air is being released through its filters, it will have where to go without restrictions. Next, you can plug it in, grab the handle and, while tapping the easy-eject button, take it out.

Insert your seasoned ingredients, with enough room between each other for the hot air to sneak in and create an even crust. And slide the detachable basket back in. Set up the temperature and the time, letting it cook properly. If you’ve placed the ingredients a bit crowded, check it when it’s halfway cooked and even change their position a little bit. Just pay attention when handling the hot food – the handle and the housing will stay cold, but the basket, the ingredients, and even the air that will come out can be quite hot!

Ovente air fryer Product Specifications

Color Black
Product Dimensions 11.2 x 13 x 11.5 inches
Model Number FAM21302B
Item weight 12.8 lbs
Shipping Weight 15 lbs
Capacity 3.2Qt
Temperature Range 140-3900F
Watts 1400 Watts
Safety shut-off Yes
Adjustable temperature control Yes
Non-stick cooking basket Yes
Auto-pause Yes


  • Affordable price
  • Simple and intuitive design
  • 3.2 QT cooking capacity
  • Auto shut-off safety
  • Comes with 2 cooking units to insert
  • Very easy to clean
  • Allows cooking various dishes

  • Housing is a bit bulky
  • Has no transparent lid
  • No mixing paddle

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When purchasing the manual Ovente Air Fryer, there is no room for surprises. You get a classic design that implements all the right features and the chance to cook healthier, every day. The only surprise will be the free frying pan that comes with it!

Versatility and functions
Design and build
Ease of use
  • Affordable price
  • 3.2 QT cooking capacity
  • Auto shut-off safety
  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Housing is a bit bulky
  • Has no transparent lid
  • No mixing paddle

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