Air fryer buying guide

Who doesn’t love fried food? The only problem with it, of course, is all the fat and calories. So, what if there was a way to fry food without using a lot of oil? That’s what an air fryer can do for you. These appliances use only a teaspoon of oil (and sometimes less) to cook all your fried favorites, from chicken to fries, and everything in between. The bad news is that there’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to choosing an air fryer. The following article looks at how to pick the best air fryer.


The capacity of an air fryer is how much it can cook at once. It can be very important, depending on your needs. Most air fryers can cook up to 2.5 pounds of food at the same time, which is good enough for most people, but you could need more. You might even need a little less. There are large fryers that are designed to cook large portions and feed a full family. Then there are fryers that are good enough for individuals or couples. Why would you pay extra for space you don’t need? Think about how much cooking capacity you need, and find a fryer that suits those needs.

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Air fryers are a modern invention. Much like most modern inventions, they come packed with a lot of technology, programs, and controls. It can be like choosing between a stick shift and an automatic car. How much control do you want to have? Newbies to frying and people who enjoy having a lot of choice should find a fryer that offers a lot of different programs. On the other hand, you can save some money and have the most control over your fryer by picking one that has a minimum amount of settings.
The bare minimum you can get is one that just allows you to choose the temperature and time. There are also fryers that allow you to roast and grill food, along with other forms of baking. These are a solid choice if you want to buy something that can handle more than one cooking style.

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Ease of Cleaning

Much like every kitchen appliance, your air fryer is going to get dirty and it will need regular cleaning. If you’ve ever had a fryer, you know how difficult they can be to clean. Air fryers make the cleaning process easier by being mostly dishwasher safe. All the important pieces of an air fryer can be taken off and cleaned in a dishwasher safely, making it much easier to clean them. If you don’t own a dishwasher these parts can be easily cleaned by hand as well.
Another feature that makes an air fryer easier to clean is being non-stick. A non-stick air fryer is hardly perfect however, as the coating will eventually wear off. Some people are also concerned about the chemicals used to make a fryer non-stick, such as Teflon. If you don’t have a dishwasher, and you aren’t particularly bothered about whether a fryer is non-stick or not, then there’s no point in spending more money than you need to on a feature you won’t ever use.

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Temperature (and temperature control) is an important part of any cooking process. Food has to be cooked at the right temperature for the right time to be cooked to perfection. As such, you want to choose an air fryer that has a wide temperature range, and one that makes it easy to choose the temperature. How hot you want the air fryer to go depends on what you are planning to cook with it.
A basic air fryer can reach temperatures of up to 350 degrees. This is good enough for fries, but it won’t be enough give you the perfect roast vegetables you’ve been dreaming of. Think about the kinds of foods you’ll be cooking, and the temperature requirements for those foods. Do you need a fryer that will go up to 400 degrees, or are you comfortable with one that goes to 350?

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You need to be able to read the display on your air fryer if you hope to control it properly. Most air fryers feature a digital display, while others come with manual displays. Either way, they should make it easy to control the temperature and time.
The modern digital display looks sleek and can make a welcome addition to your countertop. It’s also a good choice for the techie who has become accustomed to controlling everything with the touch of a button. However, a manual display is often cheaper than a digital display. So if you aren’t that bothered about the way the fryer looks and having the latest technology, then a manual fryer could be just right for you. They perform just the same. It’s all about the aesthetics, and how much they are worth to you.

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Brand Name

They say you get what you pay for, and that’s true of air fryers as well. When you’re deciding between air fryers, brand name can mean a lot. It’s good to choose a fryer from a trusted name such as Philips or T-Fal. Philips is the brand behind the original (and some would say best) air fryer.
Different brands have different prices attached to them. Remember that price is not always an indicator of quality. Sometimes the cheaper option could be the best one for you. Even so, it’s worth doing a little research on the brand name behind the product and finding out more about the quality of their products. Find a trusted fryer made by a trusted manufacturer and you can’t go wrong.

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The warranty on your fryer is another indicator of quality and trustworthiness. There is absolutely no point in buying a fryer that doesn’t come with some form of guarantee or warranty. It allows you to contact the manufacturer and get a replacement or refund if something goes wrong with fryer. Companies put these warranties on their products because they trust them to work perfectly. You are given a warranty in the hope that you never have to use it, but it’s there if you do. Many products without warranties are fakes or cheap knockoffs. Find a fryer that comes with – at the very least – a one year manufacturer warranty.

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Wattage is a little technical, but it’s no less important. When you buy an appliance like an air fryer, you want to make sure that it will work properly. You need to have kitchen outlets that area able to support the 800-400 watts used by a standard air fryer. Different fryers can accommodate different wattages, so ensure yours will work in your kitchen before you buy it.

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How healthy an air fryer is can be an important deciding factor for most people. The main reason people buy air fryers is to shave fat and calories from their favorite foods after all. Different fryers have different capabilities as far as health and reducing fat levels go. Some are able to reduce fat by up to 90%, while others aren’t so efficient. There are even air fryers specially aimed at people looking to lose weight. If you’re getting an air fryer for health reasons, you want one that can accommodate your needs.

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Additional Features

There are a range of potential additional features with air fryers. For example, there are some air fryers that have different levels to allow you to cook two different foods at once. Other fryers come with a host of accessories to boost their functionality. Just remember; adding features and functions to your fryers means adding to the price tag as well. All of these features come at a cost, and there’s no point in paying for features you don’t need.

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You’d be surprised at what goes into choosing the right air fryer. You need to consider the cost of course, but you also need to consider the quality and capabilities of the fryer. Only pay for what you need. Find an air fryer that comes in the size you need, with the features you need. You can save a lot of money this way, and an air fryer lets you save a lot of fat and calories. Which air fryer you need depends on the size of the food it will be cooking, and the size of the family it will be feeding. Almost everything else – such as whether it is dishwasher friendly and has a digital/analog display – is all a matter of personal preference.

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