DeLonghi Multifry FH1363 air fryer

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About the DeLonghi Multifry FH1363 air fryer

DeLonghi MultiFry is a new addition to the culinary appliance. You can use it as a multi cooker and as low oil fryer. There is a possibility to cook lots of foods with this fryer such as steaks, salmon and crispy French fries. You can make cakes and pies and bake pizzas. DeLonghi FH1163 air fryer technology is applied here. So it can allocate heat equally for all parts for foods. There is a mixing racket that can stir food mechanically. It requires a small amount of oil to cook foods. This appliance can bake, broil and cook food with delightful taste. The fast air technology is supplementary here. So you can cook different varieties of food very speedily. It carries air with high degree up to 390 F (200 C) to cook fry foods like chips, fish, chicken and countless others.The innovative technology of air setting is a novel era of the culinary tool and a new generation cuisine technique.

The Multifry Extra is shorter as compare to the old style deep fryers. By spending 14ml oil, we can cook 3.75 lbs (1.7 kg) at the same time. It is able to cook 2.8% fat chips. This meal is sufficient for a family of eight members. The fat of the meal is very low. The nutrition value in the meals that you eat support the day-to-day activities of living, shield your cells from environmental mutilation and overhaul any cellular harm that might occur.

Features of using the DeLonghi Multifry FH1363 air fryer:

  • Double heating element + fan: The second heating system is an exceptional feature in low-oil fryers. Located under the bowl, it speeds up the culinary process and improves the quality of food for a greater collection of recipes.
  • Upper heating element + fan: The blend of the 1400 W heating component and fan offers a centralized uniform supply of heated air that allows to cook with convection and grill leading to a better and more quick frying performances.
  • Independent lower heating element: High-class feature of delonghi healthy cooker, the lower heating element can work self-sufficiently from the upper one for the classic pan cooking.
  • Automatic mixing paddle: The movement of the paddle softly mixes food and allows cooking without any need to by hand stir food.

How to use the DeLonghi Multifry FH1363 air fryer

Simple steps

  1. CHOOSE your recipe
  2. PLACE the food in the bowl
  3. PROGRAM the cooking time
  4. START multi fry
  5. CHECK the cooking progress
  6. ENJOY your meal

Keep the bowl back to the delonghi healthy cooker body, be sure it is placed rightly. By using slide low, the bowling grip. Then enter the paddle, be sure it is placed rightly. Then pin to the bottom of the bowl.

Keep the ingredients that you like to cook. Then you can use oil for your food according to the need of your desire food. Adjust the power as much as you need. Plug the tool into the main socket. Turn off the lid. If you need, you can press the bottom heating button. You can press the OFF and the ON button. You will see the light on the button. The lower heating ingredients will heat up quickly. The high heating element will turn on if the lid is off.

Important Features of the DeLonghi Multifry FH1363 air fryer

  1.  Save your time

Multifry is furnished with an automatic mixing paddle. So you can do anything else during the Multifry cooks and mildly mixes for you.

  1.  Rapid cooking

Cooking time is decreased by the ground-breaking structure of the two heating elements. They provide both healthy and convection heat for a seamless cooking process.

  1.  Big capacity

Up to 3.75 lbs (1.75 kg) of fresh potatoes and 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) of frozen ones, serve to up to 8 persons

  1.  Check food

The completely crystal clear lid allows to check the food during cooking or frying. It is completely BPA bisphenol A free.

  1.  Wash it easily

Lid, paddle and bowl are dishwasher safe.

The high-class design of the boiler components to use DeLonghi Multifry FH1363 air fryer even without the mixing paddle that opens up to a countless variety of recipes. It is imaginable to cook also meat and fish fillets and even bake pizzas, cakes, quiches. DeLonghi Multifry FH1363 air fryer is a state-of-the-art low-oil fryer that permits to prepare enjoyable fresh potatoes with less oil and frozen potatoes without adding any of it. Delonghi healthy cooker is the correct product for a better and natural cooking.

The Future of Healthier Meals with DeLonghi Multifry

Your food selections each day impact your health. Good food is a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle. Using delonghi healthy cooker, your food can help you to grasp and keep a healthy weight, decrease your risk of chronic diseases and promote your overall health. Unhealthy eating habits have contributed to the obesity widespread worldwide. About one-third of global adults (33.8%) are overweight and almost 17% of children and teenagers aged 2—19 years are overweight. Even for persons who have good physical shape and weight, a poor food is linked with foremost health risks that can cause illness.
Now that you know the advantages, it’s time to start eating healthy. By using delonghi healthy cooker to eat healthy, you are on your way to getting the nutrients that your body needs to stay fit, active, and strong. Making steady changes can help you advance the way you eat in the long run.

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DeLonghi Multifry FH1363 air fryer Product Specifications

Color Black
Product Dimensions 15.6 x 12.8 x 10.6 inches
Model Number FH1363
Item weight 11.2 pounds
Shipping Weight 15.5 pounds
Maximum Food Capacity 60 oz
Watts 1200 Watts
Surround Cooking System Yes
Removable Bowl and Paddle Yes
Transparent Lid Yes
One Touch Lid Release Yes


  • No need to preheat before starting cooking
  • Pan has non-stick ceramic coating on it
  • Lid, paddle and bowl are detachable for cleaning and are dishwasher-safe
  • The paddles mixing the food itself
  • Easy to cook homemade chips
  • Well built sturdy appliance
  • Use slight amount of oil and the food is better
  • At the time of cooking, you can lift the lid to check food inside
  • Easy to function and touch two switches and go
  • Easy to clean without using dishwasher
  • You can cook diverse things
  • Without stirring, you can cook risotto for six people

  • It is noisier than the other kitchen tools
  • The machine is very heavy
  • The speed is slow and takes 40 minutes to prepare potatoes

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Lowest price Product: De'Longhi FH1163 MultiFry, air fryer and Multi Cooker, Black - $183.48
8.8 Total Score
Versatile cooking machine

An innovative cooking appliance that’s both a multicooker and an air fryer. This is a very versatile machine that can bake, broil and cook.

Versatility and functions
Design and build
Ease of use
  • Non-stick ceramic pan
  • Lid, paddle and bowl are detachable and dishwasher-safe
  • The paddles mixing the food itself
  • It is noisier than the other kitchen tools
  • The machine is very heavy
  • No automatic shutoff

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