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The BLACK and DECKER HF110SBD air fryer offers a relatively new, extremely easy, and just as healthy way of frying foods with hot air circulated through a Dual Convection Fans technology. Given the wide range of temperature controls, from 1750F up to 4000F, and the time control knob that can be set on up to 60 minutes, you are free to try new recipes. Once the time is up and the food is cooked, the fryer will automatically turn off, preventing the danger of overcooking the food. It has a removable pan, very easy to clean even in the dishwasher, a cool-touch handle, and an easy-to-detach basket, again, specifically designed to help you cook fast and clean even faster.
For better use, this cooker has a couple of safety features. The automatic switch off, just like the standby mode and the overheat protection are standard attributes, though, very important to include with any air fryer. The BLACK and DECKER HF110SBD Electric Air Fryer ranks high in terms of customer satisfaction, since it cooks excellent crispy foods without an ounce of oil and it is easy to clean and simple to use.

Main Features of the BLACK and DECKER HF110SBD Air Fryer

Below listed will be some of the most representative design and functionality traits that make the BLACK and DECKER HF110SBD Electric Air Fryer one of the most competitive models in its category of price. They include:

  1.  Dual Convection Fans

With the Dual Convection Fans technology, you can rest assured that your food will have a crispy touch. The cooking technology puts together both heat and a pair of powerful dual convection fans that surround the food with pre-heated air to fry all your dishes quickly and evenly. Your food will be cooked fast and the results will be crispy.

  1.  2qt Capacity

BLACK and DECKER HF110SBD Air Fryer has enough room to fit 1lb of fries, cook four fish fillets, fifteen pizza rolls or up to eight chicken wings. The 2qt capacity (about 8-cup) air-frying basket sums up to 2-4 servings of your favorite recipes and main dishes.

  1.  Simple and intuitive controllers

For a quicker and better use, the frying machine comes with a cooking recipe book and some specific cooking indications for different foods. When you want to prepare something different, the air fryer will give you the freedom to choose the desired temperature, anything between 175-400°F. Plus, it has a 60-minute timer and two indicator lights – one informs you when the unit is powered on, and the other one turns off when the preheat temperature is reached. It requires little to no preheat time, so, it’s faster than an oven and, at the same time, more flexible, especially when you try to cook the meat and the side dish at the same time.

  1.  Safety Features

Like any other frying machine, this air fryer has three basic safety measures: a stay-cool handle, an automatic shut-off mode, and an automatic standby mode. The stay-cool handle prevents the users of the electric air fryer from getting burned due to the handle that does not heat up; moreover, it allows you to use it right after the timer indicated that the food is ready. The automatic shut-off feature assures you that your food will never overcook. When the time is up, the fryer automatically shuts off and activates a light that warns you that the food is ready. The standby mode is efficient by allowing you to put a stop to the cooking process and add different ingredients that would enrich the flavor of your dish.

  1.  Easy Clean-Up

The removable nonstick pan, basket, and separator make the cleanup quick and easy. The cooking basket and the separator are both dishwasher safe parts, allowing even quick hand cleaning. Soaking the basket in hot water immediately after you finish cooking helps with cleaning it faster, but it still doesn`t need any other special cleaning solution.

  1.  Basket Separator

There are times when you want to cook two types of food at once, without mixing the flavors.<
Given the basket separator that splits the cooking space in half, you can now accommodate a variety of foods with this appliance.

How the BLACK and DECKER HF110SBD Air Fryer works:

The cooking technology behind this particular air fryer is quite straightforward. By combining the power of hot air with a pair of powerful convection fans, the unit makes this hot air to constantly circulate inside the locked basket. The food contained in it is cooked slowly, forming a crust on the outside, where the drizzle of oil is heated up to 400oF, hence that finger-licking crust. On the inside, however, the vegetables and the meat remain juicy and tender, adding even more flavor.

  1. Insert the food into the cooking basket – place the meat and/or the vegetables (make sure you use the separator if you cook them both, at the same time) and drizzle a little bit of oil.
  2. Adjust the temperature – you are free to select the cooking conditions or use the preset options. With the variable temperature control, BLACK and DECKER HF110SBD air fryer provides you the liberty to select the appropriate cooking temperature from a wide range of values, between 175 and 4000F.
  3. Set the timer – the time changes with each type of food you cook and, of course, with the appropriate preselected temperature that it requires. The BLACK and DECKER HF110SBD fryer allows you to set a cooking time between 0 – 60 minutes. Once the food is cooked and the time is up, the fryer will automatically turn off.
  4. Clean the appliance – when the cooking is done and you have transferred the food to a serving bowl, you may easily clean the device. The BLACK and DECKER HF110SBD Air Fryer is handy to clean since most of its parts are dishwasher friendly and don`t require special cleaning solutions. Apart from that, the cooking pan won’t even require washing it in the machine.

Deals for the BLACK and DECKER HF110SBD Air Fryer

BLACK and DECKER HF110SBD Air Fryer Product Specifications

Color Black/ Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions 9.84 x 11.06 x 11.46 inches
Model Number HF110SBD
Item weight 12.5 pounds
Shipping Weight 12.5 pounds
Capacity 2 qt
Temperature Range 175-4000F
Watts 1200 Watts
Automatic shut-off Yes
Adjustable temperature control Yes
Non-stick cooking basket Yes
Alert beep after the cooking cycle is complete Yes


  • Available at a pocket-friendly price
  • Dual Convection Cooking technology
  • It has the auto shut-off functionality, to prevent overcooking
  • Features a stay-cool handle to prevent burning

  • You can check the food only by opening the lid
  • It could use a bigger capacity
  • It has no digital display for time and temperature

8.8 Total Score
Air fryer with a good price-quality balance

Even though the BLACK+DECKER Electric Air Fryer is yet to become a well-known brand on the market, it is an excellent Air Fryer choice considering the price-quality balance and the challenges it tackles in this competitive niche. Besides, the design features add even more points, thus making it a tough competitor. But the positive reviews that this product enjoys advertise it as a competitive option.

Versatility and functions
Design and build
Ease of use
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Dual Convection Cooking technology
  • 0 - 60 minutes timer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Auto shut-off functionality
  • Stay-cool handle
  • You can check the food only by opening the lid
  • It could use a bigger capacity
  • No digital display for time and temperature

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