What is an air fryer

What is an air fryer and how it works

An air fryer is simply a kitchen appliance that uses hot air mechanism to fry food. Air fryers cook food by circulating superheated air rapidly around the food. Air fryers uses hot air to fry food, instead of oil, thereby offering more healthy and tasty foods. The mode of frying food with air fryer is bringing a new generation of cooking methods and new era of cooking appliances altogether. With the use of little to no oil at all, air fryers render food perfectly crisp, browned and healthy to eat with less fat, up to 80 percent less, as compared to the traditional frying method.

The Maillard Reaction

The Maillard reaction is the name for the chemical reaction that occurs on the surface of foods, between a sugar and an amino acid, when cooked at high heat. The actual technical term is “nonenzymatic browning”, which just means the reaction occurs without enzymes; for example when apples are cut the browning is caused by enzymatic browning. The Maillard reaction gives food its characteristic brown color and produces the flavor and aroma compounds that make fried foods smell and taste so good. Heat greatly increases the rate of this reaction. In order for foods to broom in the Maillard reaction, they need heat, sugar, protein and surface dryness. Most or wet foods will not brown well, which is another reason it’s important to dry foods before they are cooked in an air fryer. To increase browning a small ammount of sugar or baking soda can be added to foods.


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How does it work?

An air fryer makes use of hot air to fry food, this new revolutionized kitchen appliance makes use of Rapid Air Technology, by using a mechanical fan that rapidly circulates air to high degrees around the food to fry.

  • The mode of cooking with an air fryer is simple, yet it is an innovative method of cooking. An air fryer’s cooking chamber has a heating element that radiates heat close to the food, thus cooking it more appropriately. An exhaust fan is also located above the chamber which regulates the airflow from the underside of the chamber, thus allowing the same amount of heated air to be constantly passed through the food. Ultimately, every part of the food receives the same heating temperature.
  • Similar to the rice cooker, an air fryer has a removable tray part that holds the food, the appliance can serve up a well fried crisp meal within 15 minutes. Air fryers can be used to fry foods such as chips, fish chicken, pastries, and more. An entire cake can be baked in an air fryer within 25 minutes.
  • With the temperature that was increased by the heating element in the cooking chamber is controlled by the exhaust system and emits the air needed to cook the food. In this process the air has been thoroughly filtered before being released thus making the whole system not only user-friendly but environment-friendly as well. The air fryer employs a harmless and odorless way to serve you a well fried and delicious healthy meal


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What are the benefits of using an air fryer?

Air fryer has been up and coming, making its name in the cooking world fom its many benefits it has to offer. If you are contemplating on whether the air fryer is worth the extra money you have to spend, then you may want to check out some of its benefits.

The benefit you enjoy from using air fryer include:

More healthy and Low-fat meals
One of the most excited and important benefits of air fryer is the more healthy food you enjoy. Air fryer is able to cut up to up to 80 percent less oil/ fat than food cooked with the traditional fryer. If you want to cut a large proportion of fat from your meals intakes without sacrificing your favorite fried foods, then  an air fryer is perfect for you. This is one of the major reasons, so many people are buying it.

Lesser burns and injuries
With the new air frying method, getting splashed with burning hot oil is a thing of the past. With the air fryer using little to no oil at all, you don’t have to worry about getting burnt from the hot oil splash and the injuries. When using an air fryer, the frying is down in a closed container with temperature control, eliminating frying accidents to the minimum.

Easier maintenance and cleaning
You may think cooking is difficult, but cleaning up after is not a joke either. Luckily, air fryer parts are non-stick, allowing a smooth and hassle-free cleaning. The frying makes use of no oil, no grease, which means no messy or the laboriously scraping of pot after frying. Air fryer parts are designed for users convenience and easy maintenance by making the parts removable and dishwasher friendly.
The air fryer is really  easy to clean and maintain, with all the frying done within the appliance, eliminating oil spills and making cleaning after cooking much faster and easier.

Your food cooks from all angles in air fryer
The use of hot air circulation gives air fryer more advantage over the traditional frying method. One of the advantages is that the air fryer cooks your food or ingredients from all angles; with the help of an inbuilt mechanical fan that circulates hot air to all area and corners of the container, your food will receive the same amount of heat from all angles.

Air fryer is designed to be user-friendly by doing the frying within the container; protecting you from getting burnt, and having timer and temperature control for easier and perfect cooking.
With all these benefits to enjoy, there is no doubt that an air fryer is a safer and healthier alternative to a conventional frying method.


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What are the differences between an air fryer and a deep fryer?

Multipurpose usage

Unlike the deep fryer, air fryer can be used for multiple cooking purposes, such as frying, grilling, baking and roasting, the air fryer can do it all. All it takes to accomplish various tasks with the air fryer is the right temperature and perfect timing to set. Some air fryers come with a collection of recipe books that states the recommended timings and temperature for the various tasks. More can be done with air fryers than just frying.

Air fryers are able to cook more healthy food than the deep fryer. The air fryer uses rapid air technology; this technology is great for perfect cooking of food while reducing its calorific value and fat, thereby keeping it healthy to eat and safe from the health hazards that comes with eating fried food.

Foods fried in air fryer are a bit similar in taste with the food fried in the deep fryer but also different in some ways. The air fryer can serve food with delightful taste and crunchy exterior but tender on the inside.
The fact is, nothing is going to replace the taste of that deep-fried food, but if you are conscious about your health and still want to enjoy delicious fried food, then you might want to give air fryer a try. It will serve you a healthier version of your favorite fried food, and with a great taste.

Oil used in frying
Air fryer uses Hot air to cook food, it uses little to no oil, unlike the deep fryer that uses a lot of oil for cooking.  By using little oil or no oil at all, air fryer is able to serve healthier food with 80 percent lesser fat in comparison to deep fryer.

Both air fryer and deep fryer have similar features such as adjustable temperature settings, auto shut off/on feature, etc. but the air fryer have the edge over the deep fryer with its odor control feature, an air filter that separates you from the unpleasant odor of some fried food and the functioning temperature control that make sure your food is cooked perfectly without overcooking it.

Size and cooking capacity
Air fryers are comparatively smaller in size compared to the deep fryers. Air fryer does not require larger space to function because it uses hot air to cook and doesn’t need its content to be dipped completely in a large amount of oil to complete the frying process, unlike deep fryer.
Again, size is very important when selecting an air fryer to buy. Air fryers come in different shape and sizes, and as well, the cooking capacity is different, ranging from 2 pounds 6 pounds and more. You need to consider the amount of food you will be cooking or the number of the family members before selecting the size of your appliance.

Maintenance and reliability
Air fryer is much easier to clean and maintain than the deep fryer, basically because air fryers do not use oil and therefore it’s less messy after use. Since there is no use of oil, all you need is to clean the cooking surface and the components after every use; you don’t have to worry about the tough cleaning of sticky knobs, bowls and the spillover of oil.
However, proper cleaning is still important for both fryers for proper maintenance and long last use.



These are some of the differences between air fryers and deep fryers, apart from the differences regarding the healthiness, size, cooking capacity, features, maintenance and cleaning, air fryers and deep fryers also share some similarities such as design, power and both deliver delicious fried food.

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